J.R’z Training Hall

“You have to do the stuff you have never done to get the things you have never gotten.”

“Your chances of reaching your full potential as an athlete and student get slimmer by the day.  The window of opportunity is very small and you as an athlete need to take advantage of this small chance.  If you want to turn your body into a weapon through specialized training, you need to TAKE ACTION so you can turn your dreams into reality.  Space is limited and time is not on your side.  J.R’z is a Private club, not everyone is accepted.  But once accepted you will achieve a level of success that No One but you can understand.”

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*** Serious Athletes & Supportive Parents Only Please ***

Please watch this video if you think you are serious about our exclusive hardcore club.  We go hard 110% of the time.  Make sure you are ready to be fully committed to your future!

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Dear Friend,

At J.R’z Training Hall, you will NOT find a pretty gym with fancy equipment, air conditioning and flashy gimmicks. We’re NOT about gimmicks. We’re not about working with lazy athletes or rude, overbearing parents.

Our # 1 Focus is on getting YOU Results.

This is Where We Excel.

In today’s day & age, what we do at J.R’z Training Hall is too difficult for most athletes. Playing video games and being addicted to cell phones are what interest 99% of athletes today.

We’re interested in the other 1%, the athlete who have the eye of the tiger and a burning desire to become their absolute best. But, do NOT be misled. We don’t want to work with you if you’re already a top notch athlete and you think you’re too good for extra training. J.R’z Training Hall has NO room for Egos.

We ONLY accept athletes who have an undying passion to become a champion not just in sports, but in life as well. No matter how weak or skinny you are….. No matter how badly you’ve been embarrassed and beaten up by the competition…. NO matter how many times you’ve lost….. We Can AND WILL change that.

All you need to do is provide the commitment, dedication and consistency, we will provide the results, and that’s a promise. We’ve NEVER failed at transforming our athletes into dominant BEASTS, we over – deliver on results and prefer to prove it to you through ACTION because we stand behind our words. It’s called Honesty & Integrity, a rare trait nowadays where everyone is trying to brain wash you through flashy ads, gimmicks, buzz words and fads.

How quickly can you expect results? In as little as 2 weeks, our athletes begin experiencing dramatic improvements in their:

- Strength

- Confidence & Self Esteem

- Speed & Explosive Power

- Gains in Muscle

There is NO way to cheat through sports OR life. The training at J.R’z Training Hall has been created through a blend of science, real world experience, trial and error dating all the way back to 1999. We walk the talk here, our success has come through well over 10+ years of in the trenches training.

We’re talking about success on AND off the playing field as well as success that lasts a lifetime. The lessons you will learn about life while training at The Hall will transform you into a leader in the future, NOT just today.

Transforming you into a Dominant Athlete is NOT Our Only Goal.

We Dig Further.

The character you will develop here is something unforgettable and priceless. Your character will be forged through adversity as you learn to get comfortable with being UNcomfortable. Your new found mental toughness will carry you through tough times for the rest of your life. Your fellow Training Hall brothers & sisters will become part of your extended family, many here consider it brotherhood.

Character, Confidence, Leadership, Honesty, Responsibility & Accountability - These are rare qualities amongst today’s athletes, and you will learn them while training here. These traits are critical to your success in sports AND life, and we aim to help you excel in ALL of these areas.

As a J.R’z Training Hall member, Excellence in all areas of your life is expected, mediocrity is rejected. Your efforts should be your best at all times, nothing less is accepted here. Anything less than your best will result in your membership being revoked. We don’t have the time or energy to waste on someone who is satisfied with average efforts and average results. We respect that you or your parents are investing your money to train here and that is something we take VERY seriously.

In addition to forging your mind and body into a Gladiator, you will also become a healthier athlete, one who is less susceptible to injuries and more knowledgeable about proper nutrition. Your overall conditioning will quickly surpass your best ever condition as well as those whom you compete against.

When you become a member of J.R’z Training Hall, we WILL rebuild your body AND your mind.

But, Not Everyone is Accepted into Our Program. Not because we are rude, but because we care about our athletes first and foremost. Anyone who brings down the energy or interferes with the passion of our goals ruins workouts for the dedicated athletes we train. This includes athletes AND parents.

NOTE to Parents:

Our gym is strictly for athletes and coaches ONLY.

Parents are NOT allowed to come into our training area as this has proven to be a liability and an overall negative experience for both the athlete(s) and the coaches. No exceptions are allowed.

If you’re a parent who is obnoxious, overbearing and interrupts our workouts you are not welcome here. Rude and overbearing parents make other athletes feel uncomfortable and ALWAYS ruin the workout for their son / daughter by intruding in their workouts.

We care too much about our athletes to allow a lazy athlete to ruin it for everyone around them, or a loud, overbearing, interrupting parent to make any of our athletes feel uncomfortable.

Christian Griswold

“…I started at 110lbs and ended at 150lbs, breaking tackles left and right.  I was lot more physical in my blocking than I have ever been!”


Matt Koran- Harvard University- Football

Joliet West Baseball & Troy Titans

John Karczewski interview- J.R’z Training Hall from Jack Rustman on Vimeo.





Joliet West Football- Summer Strength Program

Joliet West Football Testimonial- JRz Training Hall from Jack Rustman on Vimeo.




And Because We Are a Private Club, We Are Selective Of Who Is

Accepted Into Our Program.

Only highly dedicated, highly motivated athletes are accepted into the program. No exceptions. This ensures that every athlete training at our gym compliments one another and helps raise the bar for one another.

Showing up late, complaining, making excuses, etc. is unacceptable at J.R’z Training Hall

If you are a overbearing, rude, obnoxious parent and feel the need to scream from the sidelines telling your son / daughter how to train then you have ruined your chances for your child to train here. Would you, as a parent, allow someone else to show up at your place of work and tell you and your co workers what to do and how to do it? For some odd reason too many parents feel they can tell other coaches what to do as if this is their area of expertise.

J.R’z Training Hall is for committed athletes & adults serious about their success.

Parents are not allowed in the gym while training sessions are going on. We ask for your support by trusting what we do. If you don’t trust us then please do not apply for membership.

Dedication, commitment, intensity – these traits and practices are all expected of our athletes.

How Does Our Membership Work?

We don’t offer sessions, we offer membership. We understand that building dominant athletes is a long term process, not a quick fix that happens in a few workouts.

Training athletes is done in 3 or 12 month membership options, ranging from 1 – 5 times each week. Most athletes continue training with us long term until they have to move away to college and return to us during their college breaks to continue their rise to the top.

We are not interested in a quick fix program so signing up for one month shows us your lack of commitment to becoming great at your chosen sport (s).

You first membership is 3 months. After you complete your first 3 months, you have the option to renew for 3 or 12 months if we feel you are a great fit for The Underground and you are invited back.

If price is your main concern then we are NOT the right program for you. You can go to the local gym or health club and your results will reflect your price. We are NOT the Wal Mart of Athletic Performance.

3 Month Membership Options:

1-2 x Week (In Season Only)

2 x Week / Gold Membership

3-4 x Week / Elite Membership

Our Hours Of Operation Are:

Monday – Thursday: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 PM

Friday: 4, 5, 6,7 PM

In the summer time we have some morning hours and sometimes change the evening hours.

Your initial 3 month membership at J.R’z Training Hall is a trial period. If you prove yourself to be committed and responsible you have the option to renew for 3 months again, and, we offer discounts when 6 month or 12 month memberships are payed in full.

- ALL Athletes have access to the gym 5 x week.

- ALL New Athletes Get UNLIMITED Coaching During Their First Month ($375 Value) To Accelerate Your Success & Ensure You Get Maximum Benefit. Even if you signed up for 1 x week coaching for 3 months, we TAKE CARE OF YOU. Your first month allows you unlimited coaching sessions.

As mentioned above, our # 1 focus is helping you achieve maximum results BOTH physically AND confidence wise.

The coaching options of 1 – 4 x week is with a Coach and a group of athletes, the “extra” workouts allow the athlete to come in on his own schedule and practice what we call “BAMF Workouts”, which is doing the little extras on their own, with their own motivation and attacking their weak areas.


What type of individual is accepted into our Training Hall/ Athlete Development Program?

Take a look at the list below:

- Hard Working

- On Time, ALL the time (Read: Early)

- Committed to training, nutrition, athletic performance AND character / sportsmanship

Your dedication to your training and sport is expected in ALL areas of life: Your academics and character should be representative of what others aspire to become. In a nut shell, you should strive to be THE Best. Period.

Life Long Lessons

Our training not only develops the physical aspect but the mental as well. We’re about building character in our athletes, teaching them lessons in life which are in alignment with what happens on the competitive scene in sports. It is not uncommon to see highly successful athletes move on to other ventures in their life and conquer them with ease.

We also train military, law enforcement and adults who are hard core fitness enthusiasts.

Why do you need to do something different than your competition?

ALL athletes need to get the edge over their competition if they want to truly excel and stand apart from the crowd. Their competition is already doing everything they are doing: attending athletic camps and clubs specific to their sport, training in their high school or collegiate weight room, etc.

If you’re doing the same as everyone else how do you expect to set yourself apart from the pack?

Our methods are specifically geared towards the development of you, the athlete. The Training Hall does not randomly throw together workout programs hoping they will work.

Using tractor tires, Russian Kettlebells, barbells, sandbags and stones are only tools, nothing else. I’ve watched other Coaches and inexperienced trainers trying to use these tools with horrible technique and putting their athletes in great danger, ALL because they took the short road and copied someone from a video.

J.R’z Athletic System has been developed through 10 + Years of in the trenches experience. The methods used here did not come about from a weekend course or a few books like most other “coaches”. Our expertise has been crafted and molded for over a decade.

Why You Need an Expert

The way we organize these methods and training tools together is what separates us from the typical program and is exactly why our results quickly skyrocket the progress of any athlete who experiences our program.

Many parents and athletic coaches try to take the performance preparation into their own hands by getting Russian Kettlebells, tractor tires, kegs, etc. Having the tools does NOT qualify you as an expert.

For Example: I have a car in my house just because I have a car doesn’t mean I know how to fix it.  Just like if you had weights in your house, would you know how to use them properly and for the right reasons?

Interviewing our athletes and their parents prior to acceptance ensures that we have athletes who are ready and willing to commit to their success with supportive parents who trust us and allow us to do what we do best, which is transforming athletes into the best they have ever been.

Our hours of operation are by appointment only.

Our days of operation are Monday – Friday.

Please understand that not all applicants are accepted due to the serious nature of our training program. This ensures that every athlete in our groups is highly motivated. We simply can not afford to accept unmotivated athletes into our groups.

Both the Parent AND athlete are interviewed because we not only require highly committed athletes, but we look for parents to be supportive of what we do, NOT overbearing.

** Serious Inquiries Only Please **

Military, Law Enforcement and other Special Government Units are taken into consideration for acceptance depending on the nature and time frame of the project. This is an elite program and is taken very seriously. The program is constructed by Jack Rustman and lasts as long as necessary to achieve the desired goals of the specific group / unit.

J.R’z Training Hall Contact Info:

Phone: (815) 355 – 3952

Address: 1840 Moen Ave. Unit C

Rockdale, IL  60436

** Across from the UPS **

To apply for membership: Call us to schedule your trial session, aka

“The Training Interview”.

If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.

Call Now while space is available: (815) 355-3952

****We are looking to get the highest competition in this gym.  We want everyone to compete and better themselves through pushing past what they and their partners can endure****

Brad Johnson Lockport 12’

All-Conference Football, Wrestling

2 time state champion 189, 197

Fargo All-American

Oklahoma Sooner wrestling:  Starting 197lb as a Freshman

Rick Dove

“My son Rick, started with JR’z Training Hall in June of 2011, he was a first time athlete, who wanted to do whatever it took to become stronger, healthier and learn the proper techniques for football.  In the time since training he has become more confident in himself and works to strive on getting stronger.  The workouts are very intense, there are days when he is in pain but knows he has to work past the pain and keep pushing harder.  The coach is hard, but know what it takes to become a good athlete and works each athlete to their fullest, never letting them give up.”


Brad Elliott

“I started was 120 pounds.  The top weight I reached was 150 pounds”

“My self confidence has improved, especially in my performance on the field.”

Patrick Leaf

“Jack works with a small group of people and he will work with you individually to tell you what you need to improve. It isn’t like a regular gym, it is more like a family.”

“Before I started training, I was  very shy and I was very self-conscience about my weight.  After training for a while, I feel  a lot more confident, and I’m a lot stronger, mentally and physically, than I was  before I started Training. “

 ”From the first session with Jack, he has loved every minute of driving himself to exceed his goals and his previous achievements.  He comes home after an hour with a soaked shirt, sore muscles and a smile on his face because he knows that he just accomplished something above and beyond what he thought he could do.” Mrs. Leaf

“In the past year we have seen our son turn flab into muscle with a will and determination we did not know he had inside himself.  He has grown confident in who he is as a young man.  He works hard because Jack is beside him expecting him to work hard, pushing him to work and go beyond.  Setting goals that are attainable even though they seem to push the limits when they are set.” Mrs. Leaf

“He came to you a boy, and is developing into a strong young man.” Mrs. Leaf 

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